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J103 Student Public Opinion Video Projects

Proud of my J103 Student Public Opinion Video Projects..

1. On the Academic Calendar Shift:

2. On the Million People March

3. On the BIR Shame Campaign

4. On the QC Relocation on Agham Rd.


Reposted article by University of the Philippines Chancellor 

The University of the Philippines (UP) was established as the first and only national university of the country in 2008 (RA 9500) for a number of well‐founded reasons. UP with its seven constituent universities, offers the most diverse and widest array of established graduate and undergraduate degree programs of any Philippine university today. It employs the highest concentration of full‐time PhD faculty members in the basic and applied sciences, mathematics, engineering, social sciences, arts and the humanities. It is the primary generator of new scientific knowledge and the leading producer of newly trained Filipino scientists, researchers, scholars, and artists.

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