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J103 Student Public Opinion Video Projects

Proud of my J103 Student Public Opinion Video Projects..

1. On the Academic Calendar Shift:

2. On the Million People March

3. On the BIR Shame Campaign

4. On the QC Relocation on Agham Rd.


Meeting Steve Jobs iLive

I distinctly remember going with some New Media classmates at Columbia U to the NYC MacWorld in 1999 for the sole purpose of seeing Steve Jobs in person. That was the year Jobs introduced the iBook with the AirPort, which marked Apple as the first producers of laptops with wifi capability. The event had the added bonus of imagining the young Steve Jobs, since his talk was preceded by a cameo of Noah Wylie, the actor who played him in “Pirates of Silicon Valley” (see embedded video).

To this day, I still have a hangover of that event evinced by the fact that I “force” my Online Journalism students to watch the 2-hour long “Pirates” movie, which to their chagrin does not include Johnny Depp.

Despite the 300 patents under his name, the genius of Steve Jobs does not lie in technology alone. Rather, it is his ability to envision the direction of communication technology and the ability to share that vision.  That particular talent can be seen from Jobs early days, epitomized with the “magic act” presentation of the Macintosh in 1984, which we can easily label in McLuhan terms as the technology that changed the world.  (As an aside, Steve Jobs perfected the “iconic” appeal by getting rid of that ridiculous green bow-tie and exchanging it for that standard black long-sleeved shirt and denims.)

He didn’t always invent the technology, but he knew how to make use of them. A case in point is the now ubiquitous WiFi internet. This technology was actually developed by AT&T and an Australian government agency, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), but it was Steve Jobs who saw its potential and ask Lucent Technologies to develop a port for the iBook (see The Economist, Jun 2004). During that MacWorld launch in 1999, he didn’t just announce the new technology, he dramatized it! Starting with getting all of us to imagine the convenience of getting the news off the computer wherever we were. He lived the journalism mantra: “show don’t tell” and got us to participate in his vision.

While other great persons have come and gone, the direct impact of Steve Jobs in our everyday lives will make him harder to forget. We will always remain thankful that persons like him come and make our world a better place. It’s been an insanely great ride Steve!

(Background info on embedded video– here is Noah’s take on the event.)