Media Asia

MA40-3cover Media Asia vol. 40, #3

AMIC’s Media Asia, volume 40, #3 looks at the controversial issue of whistle-blowing and the never-ending debate of whether persons like Edward Snowden should be treated as a hero or a traitor in its latest issue.

Moreover, Media Asia Editor-in-Chief, Professor Cherian George, interviews Asian-American scholar Kyu Ho Youm on the influence of America’s First Amendment values and the issue of free speech in Asia. The issue also features insights on “Media and Gender” by Universiti Sains Malaysia Deputy Dean Azwan Azmawati and on “Amarta Sen’s view on media” written by Shakuntala Rao of the State University of New York.

Research papers included in this issue examine a wide range of mass communication fields. Among these include: Dr. Theodore Fernando, Open University of Sri Lanka, examines the influence of editorial cartoons on their recent national elections. Dr. Khairian Rahman, Auckland University of Technology, discusses crisis communication in the light of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit issue. While Muneo Kaigo and Dragana Lazic takes a closer look at the US press coverage of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

Media Asia Vol. 40, No. 3, also offers readers other sections such as case files on health communication; a comparative analysis on advertising in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia as well as book reviews of recent noteworthy publications.
Media Asia is AMIC’s quality, quarterly journal and is available for purchase on-line at


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